Security Inspection

X Ray inspection

X Ray technology has established itself globally as a reliable and efficient inspection tool in the detection of weapons, drugs, counterfeit goods and other illegal items. Through the non-intrusive inspection of correspondence, hand and checked luggage, vehicles, containers and trucks, thereby significantly improving security at critical and sensitive infrastructure sites such as customs, airport zones, prisons, courts, offices and industrial buildings, etc.

Ports and Borders

In addition to the challenges of constantly evolving security and safety requirements at ports and borders in the form of an increasing diversity of smuggling channels, explosives, weapons, dirty bombs and the risk of camouflaged threats in false compartments in containers, vehicles or the cargo itself.In the other hand, the logistics centers require the shortest and least disruptive inspection process possible in order to maximize their competitiveness.

In order to comply with these demands, EBCO offers its clients a broad band of tailored solutions for the detection and identification of threats in ports and borders. These solutions include the deployment of mobile units on almost any drivable terrain for random on-site inspections, which can be undertaken in just a couple of minutes through fixed and/or relocatable installations.

One of the main advantages of the aforementioned high-energy, non-intrusive X-Ray inspection systems is that they operate twofold: for static cargo, the inspection portal dislocates over the load and inspects both the cargo and the driver’s cabin simultaneously, however, in the case of cargo in movement, only the load itself is inspected and driver is not subjected to the inspection process. Some equipment permits the alternative inspection in both modes.

Transportation systems

One of the main challenges in terms of security enforcement globally is the protection and security of transportation systems against illegal acts. From aviation facilities to logistics centers, railway lines and stations, highway systems to bridges and tunnels, there are countless possibilities and points of exposure to threat.

Thereby increasing the potential impact and damages, both to infrastructure and the overall wellbeing and safety of the population. Security technology has become a trusted and necessary ally in the securing of crucial transportation infrastructure worldwide.

Through the deployment of cutting edge technology equipment such as: x-ray, millimeter waves, trace detection, GPS, particle analysis and their combination and integration, EBCO offers comprehensive and innovative solutions to the market for the detection of explosives, weapons, drugs, counterfeit cargo, and other illegal items and threats, in postage, luggage, cargo and on people.

Integration of security equipment with the respective courier, luggage and cargo transportation systems ensures the most effective combination of non-intrusive security inspection with the highest operational efficiency.

Through strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers of systems that transport postage, luggage, load and security equipment, EBCO develops tailored inspection solutions for a wide variety of infrastructure companies.


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